Professional Athlete Services:

Game Changers 180 is committed to providing support to the individual needs of professional athletes, coaches and their families, who are constantly faced with the challenges and pressure of public scrutiny in an environment, which often tends to be both self-indulging and highly glamorized.

  1. We provide individual and family prayer anytime there is a request. Please email us at info@gamechangers180.com if you have a prayer request or would like for us to contact you to pray with you.
  2. We also provide individual, marriage and family counseling services for professional athletes and their families, to inquire please send an email to Brandy@gamechangers180.com
  3. Professional athletes' wives one-on-one counseling and discipleship, to inquire please send an email to Brandy@gamechangers180.com

College and High School Services: 

Motivational Speaking

Game Changers 180’s mission is to positively impact the lives of professional, collegiate and high school athletes. In the sports arena, athletes are faced with the challenges of balancing family expectations, education achievement, success and failure. Game Changers 180 uses tools that strengthen faith and equip athletes to become well-developed and balanced individuals that can overcome displeasing behavioral patterns that stem from unfound identity outside the field of play. 

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Game Changers 180 focuses on the development of every athlete we encounter. We are highly motivated to inspire athletes in the areas academic success, integrity, character, responsibility, accountability, and leadership. We promote strategic development skills that demonstrate the importance of teamwork, discipline, problem solving, financial literacy and life application skills that an athlete can transition and transfer into a sustainable career path. We have designed a series of workshops that are tailored to critical topics that every student-athlete and parent will face while transitioning from high school to college. Click "Book a Workshop" to inquire about workshop details and availability.

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Counseling and Athlete Life Skills Enhancement

We specialize in: NCAA Eligibility Readiness, Athlete Life Skills Enhancement, Transition Strategy Development, and Recruitment Preparation. We also provide individual and family counseling services, strategic planning, and support navigating through the recruiting process and transition from high school to college athletics.

Individual coaching and counseling sessions are available in single or multi-session packages. Click "book a consultation" to inquire about pricing and availability.

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Chapel (Huddle)

Game Changers 180’s goal is to inspire athletes to grow in their faith and provide an understanding of how faith and sports function hand in hand. We use chapel “huddle” time as an avenue to provide spiritual guidance to create a solid foundation in faith. We explore various life and sports application examples that assist athletes in understanding of how biblical principles apply to everyday life situations and the mental, emotional and physical attributes of sports.

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 Game Changers 180 is available to speak at your next pre or post game, at your next workout, camp or sporting event! For inquiries contact booking@gamechangers180.com